Kill The Silence By Monika Korra


Monika was an average 18 year old from Norway the only difference was her running. She could run faster and farther than most. So one day when she got a call to pack up and move to Dallas, Texas from her home town there were no questions asked she was ready to go. Moving so far away having no one was complicated for her at first but a few months in things got better when another runner from back home came too , her name was christina. Monika was no longer alone. They were the best of friends and did everything together. On December 5th , 2009 they decided to go to a party to celebrate the end of there first semester of college. That night changed her life forever , This is the night she was raped by 3 men. This was an amazing story of strength, survival, recovery , hope and forgiveness. Monika turned a horrible nightmare into an amazing journey to help other victims. I highly recommend this book not only to victims of assault but to everyone. It was such a strong, powerful story of an amazing young lady.


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