Cowgirl Trails By Susan Page Davis

It’s easy to sympathize with Maggie. She’s had a rough couple of years and returns home to find the successful and well-respected ranch she left has fallen into somewhat of a shambles. Her father is nasty to his employees for seemingly no reason. The foreman, a man she’s loved for years walks out on them in solidarity with the other cowboys in their strike. When she learns of her father’s illness and neighboring ranchers can’t loan her help, she’s left with no choice but to round up her lady friends and take the cattle to the stockyards.

Alex is a sweet man who has no desire to turn against his employer and leave the woman he loves to join the men in their strike. But Porter’s bad attitude and refusal to help those who’ve been loyal to him in the past cannot be tolerated. Still, when he discovers Maggie’s plan, he won’t let her go all the way to Ft. Worth without watching over her.

This is an amazing book , But not what i expected i expected less romance more fixing what was broken and showing more of the pain from life, But i guess we all need a little romance to read.

Kill The Silence By Monika Korra


Monika was an average 18 year old from Norway the only difference was her running. She could run faster and farther than most. So one day when she got a call to pack up and move to Dallas, Texas from her home town there were no questions asked she was ready to go. Moving so far away having no one was complicated for her at first but a few months in things got better when another runner from back home came too , her name was christina. Monika was no longer alone. They were the best of friends and did everything together. On December 5th , 2009 they decided to go to a party to celebrate the end of there first semester of college. That night changed her life forever , This is the night she was raped by 3 men. This was an amazing story of strength, survival, recovery , hope and forgiveness. Monika turned a horrible nightmare into an amazing journey to help other victims. I highly recommend this book not only to victims of assault but to everyone. It was such a strong, powerful story of an amazing young lady.

Blessed Blessed Blessed by Missy Robertson


I was very fortunate to get this book 2 months prior to its release date from Tyndale House Publishing and i am ever so thankful. This book just tells you all about the struggles her family went through and how by keeping faith, God, and family close they were able to get through it. Missy and Jase went to get a ultrasound pretty far along in her pregnancy only to find out that there beautiful little girl that they have yet to meet has some problems. They find out they Mia is going to have some severe problems after giving birth.

When Mia was born that was a happy but also changing day for the Robertson’s, Beacause on this day they knew how hard the next few months maybe even years were going to be. Mia Robertson was born with a cleft palate which made it almost impossible to feed her , But also ment she was about to have to undergo many cranial and facial surgeries. This is the time they needed God, faith , and family the most. And by a miracle god answered there plans not long after Mia’s birth she under went these severe surgeries and came out completely fine. This book shows you how when you believe and have the people and faith you need in life anything is possible. This is a absolutely amazing book and im going to give it a 4 out of 5 stars on good reads. Be sure to preorder this book now!