The time Garden

this book is amazing i have never found a book that can put the creative elements and reading all in one.
It is also so very detailed that it helps with relaxing while coloring the images because they take hours.
ALL in ALL this is just so amazing and i will suggest it to anyone



book review for unfair by Adam Benforado

Fabulous read. The author (a law professor) outlines the ways in which our judicial system is antiquated, from investigation of crimes, adjudication, and punishment, showing how this has become a real disservice not only for those who run afoul of the law, but for everyday citizens. In straightforward, sometimes elegant, prose, he discusses reforms that have worked well in places around the world, and proposes solid, workable ideas for further reform. For those who don’t care about fair, the dramatic reduction of monetary cost should be persuasive. It’s definitely time to make some changes, but as he points out, legislation can only do so much: fundamental change must come through enlightening the citizenry. We have the science… it’s time to apply it. This book should be required reading for… everyone.

i got this book through blogging for books