Book Review for “Freedoms Child by Jax Miller”


I usually am a very picky person when it comes to mystery or adrenaline type of books. So when i say that this usually would not be the type of book i would pick up which i am now regretting. I Usually get a summary of a book and go by that if i am going to like it but this book its summary didn’t catch me at all but the book itself was AMAZING! I actually ended up saying up all night just to read this book because i just couldn’t put it down, but the times i put it down it was picked back up again not long after. It was a very adrenaline seeking book in my eyes which i loved. It went through some topics that people might be okay hearing about and others may not its just on you. it was exciting reading a book i immediately thought i was going to dislike be a book i loved. The characters and her writing are both amazing. I would defiantly read another book by Jax Miller.  Her books are bad ass and very real to to the mind. I have no idea how she came about writing this book but i give it 10 thumbs up!

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”



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