Bradstreet Gate



Bradstreet Gate
Robin Kirmin

Key characters…and what is going down with them…

Professor Storrow, Alice, Charlie, Georgia…all meet at Harvard…where most of this book takes place. All are truly dysfunctional…from bipolar incredibly unlikeable and totally weird Alice to Charley…innovative “entrepeneurish” smart Charley who has major father issues. That takes us to Georgia…who probably has her own parental issues and then becomes sexually involved with Professor Storrow. And then we have Professor Storrow…accused of murdering another Harvard student…Julie. The trauma occurs near graduation and then follows these people for the next ten years of their lives. During these ten years…Alice spirals out of control, Charley becomes a major yet unfulfilled achiever…Georgia functions yet seems lost…and memories and issues surrounding Professor Storrow seem to haunt everyone.

What I thought about this book…

This book is different…very character driven…and for me…these characters were interestingly likeable. Alice was so out of control that she was scary. And again…Charley and Georgia just seemed sad. Georgia might have been the golden girl that everyone wanted to be with but…she never seemed confident or comfortable in that role. Charley always wanted to be with Georgia…but Professor Storrow was always in the way. And then we have Professor Storrow…deceitful, weird, pompous? I think a combination of all of that.

I Couldn’t put it down… Bradstreet Gate is incredibly well written, utterly compelling and fascinating beyond being simply mysterious. It’s true what other people have said about this being very character driven but delving into the minds of Georgia, Alice and Charlie is where the intrigue of the novel lies. The book shows well how the people around us when we are at our most open and vulnerable continue to stay with us whether we want them to or not. I’d absolutely recommend it!


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