Paper Towns By John Green


So i just finished reading paper towns and can i say “AMAZING”? John Green did a brilliant job on this book. I wouldn’t put the book down unless i really had too, And when that time came i did everything possible to get back to the book. The way the writing in this book was done gave me the feeling like i was going on the adventure with the characters, Also it made me feel every emotion the characters were feeling at that. Paper Towns hit the aspect of adventure perfectly. By the end of the book i really felt like i knew Quentin and Margo in real life which is hard for me to feel when it comes to some books. By far John Greens books have never let me down, And i will continue purchasing and recommending his books to all of my friends, family , And fellow bloggers. You should definitely go out and purchase this book you have no idea what your missing out on!



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